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The Maritime Gig Festival June 7 – 8, 2014. Downtown Gig Harbor along the waterfront on Harborview Drive. Get ready for fun for the entire family. Saturday June 7th…Read more

Gig Harbor Maritime Festival, Events, June 7, June 8, Downtown Vendors, Entertainment. Kids, Parade

Catch the  Best Band voted by South Sound Magazine, Gig Harbors Rokkerbox on June 7th at the Halftime Sports Saloon in Gig Harbor. The will be playing classics, surf…Read more

Congrats Moctezuma’s of Gig Harbor Voted by South Sound Magazine as best Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar. Owner of Event Resources Gig Harbor, Betty Perry just had lunch there last…Read more

Mexican hat and scarf, mexican food, mexico, Gig Harbor Resturant, Moctezuma's Mexican restauequila barrant , t

Local Radio Station KLAY 1180 AM (BIZTECH Talk) broadcasts on 5/20/14 an interview with Betty Perry. Building an online business versus an online brochure. One size does NOT fit…Read more

Betty Perry, Event Resources Gig Harbor, Website Development, Event Planner, Radio Interview, KLAY, Planning a Website, Event Resources Gig Harbor, Event Services Locator

Calling all caterers, party planners, photographers, DJ’s, florists and anyone who services events. Yes, you can get listed on Event Resources Gig Harbor a trail basis for Free! Try…Read more

Free flying Seagull, free offer for a free listing for event services on Event Resources Gig Harbor

A Gig Harbor Net Shed gone Glamorous If you don’t know what a Gig Harbor Net Shed is check back to my earlier post “Not shacks, sheds of Gigs…Read more

Net Shed home on the waterfront of Gig Harbor , home for sale with party room for entertaining on piling over the water

All you “older” Seafair hydroplane racing fans will love this video. I will never forget being glued to the TV during Seafair, watching and always cheering for Miss Budweiser.…Read more

Have you ever wondered what those shacks on pilings are that dot the shores of Gig Harbor? They’re not shacks, they are net sheds –  historic remnants of a…Read more

Net Shed Photo Gig Harbor Skansie Park, Histyorical Feature of Gig Harbor, Fishing Industry, Event Feature

Colors and color combinations create moods and feelings Tips for using the psychology of color effectively at events. 1. Clearly identify the message or mood you want guests to…Read more

Event Resources Gig Harbor will be the one and only place to find ALL of the event & meeting locations in the Gig Harbor area. Be the 1st event…Read more

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