In claiming a Service directory listing on Event Resources Gig Harbor, you agree to provide your services within the service area as represented on the map below.

Event Resources Gig Harbor Service Area Map

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  8. Social Media Addresses (URL Address)
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  10. Business Logo (note sized requirements for upload below)
  11. Add up to 10 photos (note size requirements for upload below)

After completing your listing, you'll click the Submit Listing button at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to a Terms and Conditions page, which you need to acknowledge before proceeding to the payment screen.

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Listing Info

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You can choose up to 9 search categories to list your business. The category “R. All Services & Products” (the final category in the selection list) must be checked if your listing is to be displayed on the All Services and Products Page.

Optional info to show on listing

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Phone numbers should use the following format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
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If you want your street address to be visible on your directory listing, please enter it here. (An additional description is allowed: ie downtown Tacoma, near Key Center, etc.)

Social Accounts

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Upload you Logo and Photos Below

Upload your company logo first. For optimum display, your company logo should be 200 pixels wide and no more than 200 pixels high at a resolution of 72DPI. Additional photos should be between 200 and 600 pixels wide. If you have a photo-editing program such as Photoshop, you should compress your images so the overall file size is less than 50KB. This will help your listing page load faster. There is a total file limit per listing of 1000KB. If you exceed that limit, none of the images will load. If you don't have a photo editor, please review the steps we've listed below to help you resize and compress your images.

    How to resize your photo without a photo editor
  • To size your Logo or Photo
  • Open an image file at
  • Click edit- choose the picture on your computer (jpeg and png formats supported)
  • Click resize- change size to 200 wide with proportions box checked (no more than 600px high for non-logo images.)
  • Click the Save tab and on the new screen, in the left sidebar, look at the line that reads: File Size: which is followed by the image file size.
  • Use the Quality buttons (Roger, Pierce, Sean) to set the quality level. This controls the file size. If you the Sean level is under 50KB, you're okay.
  • Save picture with a new name.
  • Upload the resized image using the Browse button below.
Maximum number of files 10, maximum file size 1.5MB.
Thumbnail Name Size
There are currently no files uploaded.
Maximum number of files 10, maximum file size 1.5MB.
Supported file formats: gif jpeg png