3993 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, USA

I will help you become an Event Location- you may have an untapped treasure!

  • Earn extra income from space you seldom use.
  • Demand is high for unique venues.
  • Clients are drawn to the beauty of Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula
  • Marketing is now easy for your venue with Event Resources Gig Harbor


Who is Venue Consultant Mike Sundsmo? 

Mike has 30 years experience working in event business and has produced over 4000 events (weddings, corporate retreats, fundraiser auctions, holiday parties, concerts, entertainment parties, etc.)


Mike will inspect your location and advise and guide you in creating a safe and profitable event location.

  • become licensed with the appropriate agencies
  • protect your liabilities through insurance needs
  • make your space rent-able/desirable
  • determine possible rental rates and deposits


Initial consulting fees start at $350.00 depending on the complexity of the space(s).

Contact me today to schedule your personal site assessment and be on your way to becoming a desirable event location.

You should know that same day if your location will qualify to become a publicly-used site or what it will take to bring it up to the necessary standards.

Call Michael at 253-988-6479 or email jmsunds@gmail.com



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