Does Event Resources Gig Harbor help me put on an event?

Yes, but we simply are a messenger that displays what locations and services are in the local community to assist you in planning your event. We do not get involved between you and the businesses that advertise with us.

Does Event Resources Gig Harbor charge to use the site?

Believe it or not, it is free to use. Your time is valuable, and now you can find everything you need in one location when planning a meeting or special event in the Gig Harbor area.

What types of Event Locations are listed on Event Resources Gig Harbor?

Our goal is to have everyone in the Gig Harbor area that has any space to use or to rent on this website. That includes multipurpose locations, free locations and those hidden treasures that few know about.

Can I see the space in person?

We strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment with the facility coordinator and view the space prior to placing a deposit.

How do I book with the Event Location?

You contact the facility directly using the information provided. Since many will have their own website you may find a “make a reservation” link there you should use, so please check on the facility’s website so they can utilize any existing procedures they have in place. Other facilities may choose to have you fill out a contact form directly from the Event Resources listing page. There will always be a way of contacting the facility listed.

How quickly will I get responses from the venue?

We ask that the venues have a 24 hour turn around, but we cannot dictate to these small, private sites how to run their business.

How will I know the quality of the services being advertised?

Event Resources Gig Harbor is not responsible for the quality, actions and accuracy of the content for each business. We have included a rating/ comment system on each listing that could assist you.

Can I be sure the vendors listed will provide their services in Gig Harbor area?

Event Services may be located anywhere, but when they list on Event Resources Gig Harbor they must agree that they will serve the Gig Harbor area as defined on the service map on bottom of the Home Page.

Will I need to purchase any insurance or permits for my event?

Likely yes, event insurance is always a good idea. Check with your home policy first because you may be able to add a rider for the event. Also check with the facility about their coverage. If serving alcohol you will need a permit if you are not using a caterer or bartender who has an off-premise license to serve.

Parking seems to be an issue with many locations, do you have a solution?

Addressing parking issues is a hard nut to crack. An effort will be made to partner with any potential parking areas close by to rent for an event. This may mean that a shuttle service or valet will be needed.

Can you help me become an Event Location?

We have an event venue consultant with 30 years of event experience that will visit your location by appointment and assess your space(s), providing you with a list of recommendations and the steps you will need to take to become properly licensed. Click here for information.