Check it out- the Soccer Center is the largest venue in Gig Harbor for private and commercial events.

Have a festival, community event, concert- anything that will draw crowds. Yes, the Soccer center is massive. And guess what? When you rent the party room next to the field you will get 1 hour of coached play-time on the big field.  This is an amazing opportunity for all ages.  The PenMet parks staff will customize your play-time to the group and help lead you through the chosen games. The biggest news of all are the giant blow-up bubble balls that you get in and roll around. (over age 14). WHAT FUN!!!

The possibilities at this amazing venue are endless. From toddler playtime to adult challenge courses, the Soccer Center is here in Gig Harbor next to Highway 16 for  those large indoor events.

See all the details about the Soccer Center HERE. And spread the news that  Gig Harbor has a venue that can compete with those in the large metro areas.