The last “in-person” event I was fortunate to attend prior to the COVID-19 shut-down was the Altrusa Empty Bowls.  Amidst the excitement of choosing that super special hand-crafted bowl, and the slurping of yummy soups made by local restaurants I watched as the proud Altrusa members realized success. Not just the success of orchestrating an amazing fundraiser, but in knowing that the proceeds would go to help so many. Little did they know back then, what we all were on the verge of!

As many suffer during this pandemic there is nothing more heart-wrenching then knowing innocent children right here in our community are going hungry. With no in-session school, low-income students literally go hungry without the school district’s free meal program. In “good-times” those daily meals were sometimes the only nutritional food many kids received. Now with Pierce County unemployment rate over 10%, I simply can’t comprehend how the need has grown.

Profits from the Empty Bowls and a generous grant from Altrusa International Foundation Inc. has allowed our local Gig Harbor chapter to disperse $22,000 to help feed hundreds of families through these local organizations:

  • Fish Food Bank
  • FoodBackpacks4kids
  • Harbor Hope
  • Children’s Home Society
  • Funds have been set aside for The Red Barn and for The Boys & Girls Club for distribution when their programs restart.

Empty Bowls 2021 may look a little different, but the potters are “potting” and you can be assured Altrusa members will meet the challenge in a creative way.

The need is great and YES here is how you can help:

Join us! Wouldn’t you like to be a part of a energetic group that makes such an impact (and has for 40 years!). You will learn so much about our community as you make new and lasting friendships. Call Nancy (253-858-7699) she is eager to chat with you about what Altrusa has meant to her.

 Donate right now using this link.   Your donation feeds the hunger that so many are experiencing during these very hard times.

Check out these links:

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