A Release Party not to miss- READ THIS to learn why.

Monday, Sept. 17th   7 PM – 9 PM | Gig Harbor Markee 5275 Olympic Drive NW

I know you will be totally impressed with this local author- Joseph Malik. After I read about him I certainly was! Yes, he is one of our locals that has made it to the big time with his writing BUT there is so much more to this guy that blows me away. Why is this event a big deal you ask? Why would you want to meet this author?

There are so many attributes to this guy I’m going to bullet them for you:

  • Persistence +++ the big publishers turned him down saying “there is no audience for realistic fantasy novels” WRONG.
  • Malik set out to find his audience and did just that. All those attendees of all those Science Fiction & Fantasy Conventions loved him!
  • In a totally gutsy move he decided to self-publish.
  • That first novel Dragon’s Trail has sold over 10,000 copies and is a Kindle Top 100 bestseller and he wrote it while recovering from injuries he suffered on deployment in the Army.
  • Malik is now in the Army Reserve and he wrote this new sequel The New Magic while mobilized on back-to-back tour-of-duties.
  • He has worked as a stuntman, a high-rise window washer, a computational linguist, a touring rock musician and a soldier in the United States Army.
  • As a former stuntman with an extensive military background in Special Ops & Strategic Intelligence, Malik actually tries out what he writes and incorporates actual techniques: horsemanship, blacksmithing, mountaineering, traditional archery, boxing, building a conlang, and so on.
  • Malik even lectures on advanced intelligence theory and asymmetric warfare for the U.S. military.
  • Malik combines technical detail and irreverent humor with magical realism into his  “techno-thriller” fantasy worlds. (I love that word- techo-thriller)

Now do you see why this is such a big deal? This guy married a Gig Harbor gal and has lived here for 10 years and is known throughout the world. You have the opportunity to meet him, to hear more about is life, his books and be a part of the debut of his new novel THE NEW MAGIC – the gripping sequel to his internationally bestselling DRAGON’S TRAIL.

So that is why you need to come to this party. Even if you aren’t a big reader or a fantasy lover this guy is a local veteran that has a real stories to tell that blew me away.