You cannot miss this VERY special opportunity to hear from one of the most successful Himalayan mountaineers on the planet.

Wednesday March 16th, 2017 6:30-10:30 pm

Longbranch Improvement Club

 5213 Key Peninsula Hwy S, Longbranch, Washington 98351

Lets look at what Dan Mazur has done and why you cannot miss hearing his story:
  • He has summitted the 29,029 ft. peak of Mount Everest 7 times.
  • He has led expeditions to the world’s highest peaks over 15 times.
  • For 16 years, Dan has organized and lead expeditions to Tibet, Nepal, China, Africa, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India and North America.
  • Has has his PhD in Social Policy Analysis from the Heller School at Brandeis University and a BSW from the University of Montana.
  • He raises funds for several charities to build hospitals, schools, and environmental projects for earthquake victims and low-income families who live around Mt. Everest in both Nepal and Tibet.
  • Dan is most widely known for abandoning his 2006 Mt. Everest summit attempt to rescue Lincoln Hall, an Australian climber that had been ‘left for dead’ by another expedition team and is credited for saving Hall’s life.
  • He is a 2017 nominee for the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal- epitomizing Sir Edmund in his humanitarian work and his outstanding worldwide ascents, but most of all for his ethical standards to fellow climbers for rescuing other climbers such as Lincoln Hall and as Greg Mortenson recounted in “Three Cups of Tea” the heroic rescue of Etienne Fine.


Your donation to attend this special evening will support The Longbranch Foundation Scholarship Fund. The fund assists college bound students and elementary students to attend Camp Seymour for outdoor education.

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