A Gig Harbor Net Shed gone Glamorous

If you don’t know what a Gig Harbor Net Shed is check back to my earlier post “Not shacks, sheds of Gigs fishing history

Walking along the shoreline of Gig Harbor you may notice a gated private residence that extends out into the water with a red roofed building and a long dock.

This is one of the iconic Net Sheds, remodeled as a private residence, it is now for sale.  For just under $2 million, it can be yours.

I had the pleasure of touring this jaw dropping home last night. Truly one of a kind, this home is amazing in every way. The cozy 2-story home is separate from the red-roofed net shed, accessed by the built-in elevator.  Being a party gal, I was most impressed by the elements included in the net shed space. Glass doors open onto a massive deck, a roofed bar in the center, a catering kitchen, game room with a pool table and a spacious area for seating and entertaining. All of which are all over that waters of the harbor, where you can pull up your yacht to the 160′ dock. Words cannot describe this gem that I am sure will soon have a new owner. I feel so very fortunate to have seen it. Offered by my friend Joe Sanchez & Associates see the video here.

Interior of the residential net shed bar on the waterfront of downtown Gig Harbor

Looking into the bar of the residential Net Shed

Inside bar of Net Shed , entertaining , showing front door entry into a spacious and historic party room

Inside bar of Net Shed

Front of Net Shed from the waterfront dock looking into party room area of the Gig Harbor Net Shed

Front of Net Shed from deck