Available on an hourly basis and on Saturday from 12 (noon) to 10pm

Rosedale Hall is a busy PenMet Parks facility – charming , warm, flexible- this building is used extensively for PenMet classes. But don’t be discouraged- you may have a date and time that works for the schedule. Event prime times of Saturday afternoon/ evening are available, so schedule your event on an open Saturday.

This Historic facility has served the community since 1932, and has seen 85 years of Weddings, Reunions, Birthday parties and Community gatherings. This venue is a bargain because all your tables  and chairs are provided and you can utilize the kitchen for your food and the beautiful existing polished wood floors will become your dance floor in front of the stage. Consider adding a sports element to your event. Behind the building is a hard surface patio with basketball hoop and next-door are beautifully maintained Tennis Courts (call to reserve) and just across the street is the Rosedale Park Kids area or playing fields (call to reserve). In fact this would be an ideal location for a Tennis Tournament.

As you can see there is a LONG list of the Types of events that can be held here. This is an extremely flexible venue that can be used for most any event.

Other PenMet Venues for your event:

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