Surround your special event by park activities at…

Sehmel Pavilion

 This large open venue is the ultimate in FLEXIBILITY and here is why;
  • Bring in an RV to provide extra venue space- cooking prep or dressing- space provided
  • Tent available- (10 x 10 or 10 x 20)
  • The ability to open 3 sides of this large room to the outdoorsTables & chairs available to rent (flate fee $200) 120 chairs & tables (10 ea 6 & 8 ft + 12 rounds)
  • Flexiable room set-up
  • Decorating ok with prior approval
  • Extra event tent(s) available for the iffy NW weather
  • Food options of your choice
  • Sales, Music, Dancing
  • Alcohol with permit (kegs ok)
  • Expansion space: patio, lawn, park fields, play areas, mega-sized parking lot
  • Pets allowed on leash
  • Liability insurance required for organizations (signed waiver for individuals)
  • Event signs (sandwich boards) available
  • Room set-up & take-down provided
  • Add carpet to all or part of the cement flat floor (available)

Here are some ideas for your private event;

  1. A company retreat: add a baseball or basketball game
  2. Family reunions: send kids to the playground
  3. Kids birthday parties: add outdoor games on lawn or pavement
  4. Weddings: have ceremony outdoor under the arbor, in the nearby meadow or bring it inside
  5. Sale or bazzar: no parking hassles here (300 spaces)
  6. Indoor outdoor picnic: ask for additional picnic tables if needed
  7. Training or meeting: Guests can stretch their legs throughout 4 miles of trails or in the Heritage Garden

Build your special event your way at Sehmel, or choose another PenMet Facility;

Center map