Colorful bubbles for the Event planning with colors blog post at Event Resources Gig HarborColors and color combinations create moods and feelings

Tips for using the psychology of color effectively at events.

1. Clearly identify the message or mood you want guests to experience at your event, and use color to support it.

2. Tie the message to a color family. Examples of this would be green that communicates growth, renewal and balance; yellow instills energy and communication; orange uplifts and adds fun and brown feels grounded, earthy and natural.

3. Think about intensity or brightness of the colors. Ask will bright or soft colors best send your message?

4. Consider contrast levels. The number of colors and the contrast between them creates different effects. Soft colors and low contrast is more calming, while multicolor and high contrast creates more energy

5. Adjust to color combinations that work together. There are no wrong colors, there are only unfortunate combinations. If you do want colors that are more harmonious choose ones close on the color wheel, but vary for contrast.

6. Be deliberate with iconic color combinations. Watch for common branded colors like McDonalds red and gold or Starbucks green. Just changing the hue won’t make your event feel like a fast food venue.

7. Always incorporate the corporate color of the host or sponsor into the event, even if its color message is contrary to the event’s message. It doesn’t have to overtake the entire event, but at least be an accent and be recognized as the corporate identity.