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"Add A Little French to Your Life"

Huguette brings France to your house party.

Imagine having a party right in your own home where your guests interact while creating an authentic French dish or meal. Then imagine not having to go grocery shopping (except for the wine!), not having to cook or plan the party food. Then imagine sitting down and enjoying lovely french cuisine with ambiance created by French Moods. OUI?

Details about French Moods Cooking Parties

  • Home or Corporate (Team Building) Cooking Party for 2-15 people (Adults or Children)
  • Choose to prepare a full French Meal or prepare a single French dish (how about a sweet & savory Crepe Party)?
  • All ingredients are included and brought to your home for the cooking experience.
  • Choose to watch the French Chef in action OR let everyone get a hands-on cooking lesson.
  • Your French Chef will provide aprons for all and give everyone the recipe(s).
  • Your French Chef will create the French Mood with her authentic “french accent”, her table decorations and her classic French music.
  • Laugh and learn as your Chef shares French traditions and stories of living in France.
  • Gather around and share in your creation while the kitchen is tidied up, leaving no mess.
  • Costs: From $75 pp
  • Optional: Prepared appetizers brought for snacking while cooking.
  • Optional: Don’t overlook having the famous dessert crepes to top off the evening!

About your French Chef- Huguette (Hugg-ett) Marsicano

  • She is a native of the Provence region of France.
  • She started cooking as a child learning the art of French cooking from her parents and grandparents.
  • Huguette takes her cooking back to France and wants to take you with her

…Also Experience French cooking right in France with Chef Huguette

Three times a year you can travel with Chef Huguette and/or Chef Sunshine to either the French Riviera, Tahiti or Provence. You will be there with a native who not only speaks the language but also knows all the hidden secrets of the area. These trips are kept in small groups as you are personally immersed in the French culture and the cooking experience.  Details about upcoming trips.