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Events for independent film competition

The Gig Harbor Film Festival is emerging as one of the hottest destinations on the independent film festival circuit. Since the first festival in 2007, GHFF has taken great care in providing an unforgettable festival experience for filmmakers and film-lovers. Today, the festival hosts more than 60 visiting filmmakers, screens 80+ films, and reaches an audience of over 4,000!

All official GHFF selections are screened in the highest possible quality at the luxurious, state-of-the-art Galaxy Theatre in Uptown Gig Harbor. Surrounded by many popular restaurant options and the Kiwanis VIP Lounge, the Galaxy theatre is an ideal festival hub for visitors and locals alike.

Thanks to famous Gig Harbor hospitality, many filmmakers choose to attend the festival in person, and offer Q&A sessions with audience members at their screenings. Combined with the lively party schedule, this creates a winning combination of networking opportunities and fun for industry professionals, and a festival experience for locals that is not to be missed.

Festival programming provides three full days’ worth of film entertainment in a wide variety of genres, and offers something unique for just about every taste. GHFF aims to cultivate a vibrant community of filmmakers and film-lovers who come together each year to celebrate their love of great cinematic storytelling.

Whether you’re a local seeking some cultural refreshment, or a filmmaker planning your circuit calendar,  you’ll find just what you’re looking for at the Gig Harbor Film Festival. Visit and sign up for email to stay up to date on all GHFF events and activities for locals throughout the year!