If you are like myself it is overwhelming to try to be aware of everything that is going on around Gig Harbor. I am attempting to gather all the events I can find adding them to the:
Event Resources Gig Harbor Community Calendar. 

Every month I will send out a summary of what I discover but I will not attempt to cover them all in my blog. The calendar will have all the events I have found, but if you do not see a local public Gig Harbor event please add it at this link.

If you would like to have Betty Blog about your event contact Betty so she can gather all the event information. Here is the blog pricing information.

February 2020 Event Summary

All Community Festivals/ Expo’s/ Sales:

Music / Dancing / Comedy:

Children/ Family:

Movie & Live Theatre:


Educational/ Workshops:

IMPORTANT UPCOMING FUNDRAISING EVENT.. Empty Bowls March 7th @ Chapel Hill Church

Many more events are listed on the Event Resources Community Calendar.