Do you want to help your child conquer their fears?
  • Bullying
  • Speaking in class
  • The dentist

We will help your child connect with courage that helps them increase self-esteem and enable to trust themselves and build their confidence.

United Church of Christ’s summer VBS is all about Connecting with Courage. Using a cast of puppets to teach courage lessons along with cool crafts, bible stories and games this is a week you won’t won’t to pass up. Aug. 10 – 14, 2015 (9 am – 12 pm)

An amazing deal at $25 per child (Max $50 per family) this is an opportunity to help your child find the courage within to face life’s challenges.

To register call the church at 253-549-2420 or Sara 253-365-1792. This is also an opportunity to see the inside of this amazing church for future rental use for any meeting or special event that comes up. Everyone is welcomed and the VIEW from atop the hill is breathtaking. See all the details HERE