I recently blogged about my French friend Huguette (French Moods) who will bring the art of French Cooking right to your home- see previous blog

I personally was just in France and honestly think being in a small group with an actual French guide is ideal- especially if you travel as a single. Both your guides (Huguette & Sunshine) intimately know these areas in France- Provence and the French Riviera.

7 reasons why I am encouraging you to book a trip:

  1. In a small group (limited to 12) you “belong”- you get to make new friends and share the experience with others from this area.
  2. Your guides have taken care of everything; accommodations, transports and attractions that only a native would have known about. (ask if you need help with plane travel)
  3. Your guides speak the language and can tell you great stories of the region.
  4. Since your guides are French chefs you will have an opportunity to cook with them and even shop in the marketplaces of the villages for local gourmet treats you would like to try.
  5. You will stay in a typical french (Mas) home- feeling the true sense of living in the region.
  6. As I read the itineraries my interest peaked at going to small medieval villages and castles, the amazing Quarries of Lights and on the French Riveria touring Cannes and Monte-Carlo.
  7. If my top 6 reasons don’t seal the deal take it from local Gig Harborite Louise Talley who read my blog last year- and gave herself a grand birthday gift. Read her testimonial.

You have 2 trips to choose from in beautiful May- before the tourist crowds for <$3000:

So book NOW because with a limit of 12 it will fill up fast. And believe it or not… May is just around the corner! Call or email Huguette and tell her Betty sent you. bonjour@frenchmoods.com      206-859-1422

If you read this blog to the end…. bonus for you- Be the first to book from this blog and get $500 discounted!      Bon Voyage and Merci from Betty