You are invited to Gig Harbor’s only Antique Airplane Museum for the unavailing of the Blackbird bi-plane built during the era of Charles Lindberg.

  • When: Saturday Sept. 21, 2019 12pm – 4pm– Family Friendly Event, entry by donation
  • Where: Gig Harbor Antique Airplane Museum @The Narrows Airport 1108 26th Ave. NW
  • What: Personal Tours of the rare Blackbird and a dozen other extraordinary antique planes, cars and motorcycles (the most extensive antique airplane collection in the area).
    • Includes lunch– BBQ  YUM
    • You will have an opportunity to actually take a ride in a car that is over 100 years old!

A little history about the Blackbird: Designed by Giuseppe Bellanca (National Aviation Hall of Fame) who designed planes all his life 1886 – 1960. In 1922 he designed the first US transport airplane that is now housed in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. In 1928, only 2 years after the Lindberg, NY-Paris flight, he designed the one-and-only Blackbird that is now housed in our Gig Harbor Antique Airplane Museum. It only flew for 18 month due to the lack of funding during the hardship of the Great Depression. Not having flown for 90 years… I have been told that sometime in the future you may see this amazing flying machine flying over the skies of Gig Harbor.

Kids… bring your parents & grandparents. Most adults got interested in aviation at a very young age and you have this opportunity to learn right here in your community.

The Antique Airplane Museum is a great location for your holiday events. Book NOW for the best dates. What a special treat to be surrounded by historic aircraft at your event.

Available for your private corporate or family event. Check out all the venue details at this link on their Event Resources Gig Harbor Venue Page.