Hey Gig Harbor, do you know about the Gig Harbor Eagles Club?

You likely have driven by it numerous times and not even realized it. The Eagles clubhouse is tucked back into the woods on Burnham Drive next door to the Hi IU Hee Hee. Consider this blog as an invitation to come check it out and think about joining. Why? With 1000 members strong this mighty club has some of the most fun private events in town. Unlike many social clubs this one has a very large facility that also includes a lounge.  It has been in Gig Harbor for 70 years! Yes, and new memberships are the younger middle-aged sector.

If you were like me, you have always wondered what they do. That question now is answered for you right here on Event Resources Gig Harbor  at this LINK.

Watch for blogs about Eagle news and community events.

Thanks Eagles members for being a part of Event Resources Gig Harbor. I look forward to both joining and writing about all the great things you do in our community.  Betty Perry