You are all invited…

…to the Harbor WildWatch Cocktails & Fishtails – certain to inform and enlighten you.

Mark your calendar for the 3rd Wednesday (5:30-7pm) of each month (Feb – Nov) at our very own Harbor History Museum in downtown Gig Harbor for a Fishtale science chat with the social element of a no-host cocktail bar offered for 21+. You are welcome to bring along your own dinner to munch on as the program progresses.  Members are free, only $5 for non-members (What a deal!)

Next Cocktails & Fishtails  is Wednesday June 21st (5:30 – 7pm)

Topic: “Native Oysters in Puget Sound: Decline, Recovery and the value of Citizen Science” presented by Dr. Mike Behrens – Marine Science professor at PLU

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As a native of the area, growing up in Olympia. I remember going to the Olympia Oyster House on many occasions and eating a mountain of tiny Olympia Oysters. But it has been many years since those delicacies have passed over my taste buds. I’m curious what happened to our native Puget Sound Oyster. Did they grow up into the common larger oyster we now see in our waters around Gig Harbor? Dr. Behrens has all the answers and questions that will give us all insights into this mystery.


Coming up…You need to mark your calendar for the next two talks if you want to

hear about whales
  • July 19th: Come and literally “hear” the sounds from underwater of recordings and what we are learning about these sounds from the deep.
  • Aug. 16th: Hear what the marine scientists are learning about our local Puget Sound resident Orca Whales.
Let’s embrace the Harbor History Museum as a place of knowledge and community gathering. You should be aware that you can rent this beautiful waterfront location for your own private event. There are many different areas you can rent including reserving the entire facility on off hours. Event Resources Gig Harbor has all the details about each area including the new Courtyard. What a special event it would be to give your guests a true Gig Harbor experience! Here are all the rental details: