crazy emoji    Hey, who has time to spend time trying to find out what is going on in the harbor?

It is crazy all the different places local event information comes from. Not only does social media only show you “what they want you to see”, but many organizations have crazy newsletters, emails and hit & miss calendars.

Thinking emoji, happy faceSolution…. Event Resources Gig Harbor is plugged in and is your one-stop place for checking out all those hard to find events. We’ve done the research for you BUT, if you don’t see it on the calendar simply add it for free.

Click here to see the calendar. 

It is super easy to add an event yourself and it is FREE! Happy emoji

Of course there is much more to Event Resources Gig Harbor. Browse around and see stuff like Betty’s Blog and resources to plan your own event. We are building lists of resources and would love to add your event service, entertainment, venue or organization. Yes, and there is a FREE option to do so.

Add Event Resources Gig Harbor to your phone home page and you have what’s happening right in your pocket!

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