Gig Harbor is in for a special treat and you are invited!

Our very own Gig Harbor Film Festival (GHFF) has been chosen to present an advance screening of the latest feature film directed by acclaimed director Niels Mueller. The LA director is known in both the film and TV industry for The Assassination of Richard Nixon and the TV show The Defenders, among others. He is well known on the international film festival circuit including the renown Cannes Film Festival in France. Born in Wisconsin, Mueller attended Tufts University where he started making short films, then earned his MFA from UCLA.

Mueller’s new film will be presented for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Galaxy Theatres on Memorial Day:  Monday May 30, 2022 at 6:30pm.  Mueller will be in attendance at this special showing and you will have an opportunity to ask him questions following the movie.

Now Betty, what is this new movie? The title is Small Town Wisconsin starring David Sullivan; do you think it might have something to do with the director growing up in Wisconsin?

This film will have its national debut in June, but is already getting rave reviews (10/10!) during pre-screenings. It portrays an ordinary father trying to find happiness in a tiny Midwestern town. Most all of us can identify with the love he feels for his young son, yet his life choices are tearing them apart. The father-son relationship builds from a light-hearted adventure to a profound awakening.

Thank you to the GHFF for bringing this special guest to our local, film-loving community. Please support our very own non-profit GHFF by attending this special performance. Yes, for the price of a movie ticket, come meet an experienced director that makes movies happen!

The show is filling up fast so get your ticket at this Galaxy Theatre link: Buy your ticket(s) here