If your have lived in Gig Harbor as long as I have (35 Years) you will know how long the Boulding Family have been performing in this community.

This Sunday March 22 @ 3pm they will be performing at the Nichols Center on Fox Island for a unique opportunity to experience some of our communities BEST!

I enjoyed watching as the Boulding children grew up as they performed as a talented heartwarming family.  If you have not seen them perform recently this local concert is a must see!  They have recorded over 20 albums and have been traveling internationally, playing lively jigs, and telling stories that give you a taste of Ireland and beyond.

Did you know that they play on instruments that they hand-crafted themselves?

Tickets are $15 and children under 10 are free. Click HERE for tickets.

Reserve The Nichols Center for your Spring & Summer private events NOW.

This venue has great outdoor amenities;  Fire Pit, childrens play area and shelter in addition to a fabulous indoor spaces for our iffy weather.

See all the rental details HERE:


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