If you missed rocking out with the Beatniks on March 19th at the Harbor History Museum you now have an opportunity to “rock it” more by bringing in your ROCKS!


Did you know there is a ROUND ROCK contest going on at the Museum where you could win up to $100?

Bring in your smoothest roundest “natural” rocks (limit one per person) that are bigger then 1½ in and no larger then 6 inches that you found here in Washington. Now they need to be hard enough that the surface can’t be scratched by a pocket knife and the smoother the better.  The museum puts them on display and makes you famous!

Take your precious stones the the Museum by Friday April 17, 2015. Get your rock application HERE

Keep in mind the HHM is a wonderful wedding location? Have a big announcement or reception coming up?  Why not have it at the Museum on Gig Harbors waterfront. A great location with lots of interest to add to any event; see their listing HERE.