New Listings- for 2 free venues.
AMAZING and true!

Yes both Subway’s in Gig Harbor (Gig Harbor North and Pt. Fosdick) have community event rooms that you can reserve for your private event or meeting.

The big “ah-ha” was when I heard that the Pt. Fosdick Subway is open all night every day. So if you expect your meeting or party to last into the night or start the wee hours of the morning this is the place for you!

Take a look at their listings for all the details: (click on the name)

Pt. Fosdick Subway 

Gig Harbor North Subway

The owners built both Subways with the intention to make these rooms available to the community free of charge. To support this kindness Event Resources Gig Harbor is proud to pass along this information to you so that you can take advantage of this gracious offer. Thank you Subway.