During our time of quarantine, I hope you reflected on what is important to you and what you might do differently as you re-enter normalcy. Well, I have a suggestion — the 3 “C’s”.

Think about shifting your entertainment options to Community, Culture and Connection.

When I think of entertainment I always think of local first: events, movies and performances. Engaging and supporting local will build back the organizations that were so greatly impacted by the pandemic. As you move forward, I challenge you to engage the 3 “C’s” just once a month.

If you have never attended or known about our local world-class Gig Harbor Film Festival (GHFF), you are missing an opportunity to experience movies that stick with you long after you leave the theatre. Many of us have not been to our beautiful Galaxy Theatre in a very long time. The Galaxy has partnered with our local GHFF in offering inspiring films that are shown just once a month on the big screen, relaxing in cushy reclining seats, and munching popcorn (optional).

Mark your calendar for Monday, February 28, 2022 (one-time showing at 6:30pm) for your movie night this month, and all last Mondays of the month.

The featured film this month (February) is C’mon C’mon. Aw, C’mon Betty, why would I want to see it? C’mon now, this movie will make you realize the beauty of a normal life, relationship, emotion, hope and connection. I dare you not to cry in the end. The GHFF has made the process so simple that you can even buy your online tickets from the Galaxy at this link. Select the 6:30pm time, your seat(s) and buy online.

When you attend C’mon C’mon, the 3 “C’s” indeed will become the 5 “C’s”!