I have lived in this community for 35 years and I have to admit I have not explored most of the parks in this area. Working with PenMet I have been totally embarrassed of how little I knew about my own community parks. Many thanks goes out to Terry Lee and Eric Guenther for spoon feeding me information about the vast system they have created for all of us to enjoy here in Gig Harbor.  From the Cushman Trail that I so love to bike, to Sehmel Homestead Park, where about 6000 of you came for the Easter Egg hunt 2 weeks ago.  I have discovered area’s I never knew existed. I am not talking about just the few that I’ve driven by, but the 20-25 properties that include miles of beaches with jaw-dropping views, hiking paths, dog parks, sand spits and even a fishing pier.

Do not let this year go by without exploring them. I challenge you to visit 1 new one each month.  Their new website is where you start.    http://www.penmetparks.org/ and I have created a webpage for you to discover some of the more popular areas to take the family on a picnic.

See PenMet Picnic areas with/ without Shelters, beaches, amphitheater;  click HERE

I also want you to know you can have your private event at the Sehmel Homestead Pavilion;  see pictures and all the detail about that venue HERE

PenMet Parks simply gives you the freedom to experience more of this paradise we live in.

If you want to help the parks while discovering new ones there is an opportunity to do so in one week.

Next Saturday 4/25/15 from 9-noon come out for Parks Appreciation Day and and you can give a hand sprucing up your parks. See flyer for information Flyer 2015 All PAD 150309

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