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Do you have some cool shots you have taken of your kids at a PenMet Parks activity? How about from the Easter Eggs Hunt or at a game on the field? Even a great nature shot in a park.

You could win a great prize and maybe see your picture in print. Take pride in that moment that you captured and share it with PenMet Parks.

It is VERY easy to enter and who knows, your kids could be the new PenMet poster stars.

Fill out this simple form to enter.

PenMet has so many places to have your private events and parties. You need to check them all out on Event Resources Gig Harbor. 

Shelter, Beaches & Amphitheater (outdoor space)
Sehmel Homstead Park Pavilion  (indoor/outdoor space)
Soccer Center Party Room (indoor space)

Soccer Center (yes the entire place) for 300!! (indoors)

Rosedale Hall (Community Center & Tennis) 
For other PenMet Park locations or to reserve click HERE.

Sign up NOW for the Photo Contest (deadline April 28, 2017) and Reserve your event spot early for your family events. (birthdays, reunions, family gatherings)