10 Reasons to have your kids party at the

PenMet Soccer Center Party Room:


  1. No messing up your house. (Courtesy clean-up done by PenMet Staff)
  2. No need to rent or barrow large tables & chairs. (Courtesy Set-up by PenMet Staff)
  3. Bring or have food delivered-(Costco stuff, Pizza, Burgers, Food Truck… you name it)
  4. Games – PenMet staff will plan age appropriate games on the turf- the staff know every type of ball sport you can think of, relays or sporting games- they have the equipment and know the rules.
  5. Toys- tunnels, tents, hula hoops, Nurf toys, tot toys (talk to them about a bounce house or slide)
  6. Kids over 14 will put those phones down to play in Giant Bubble’s (see photo below), wrestle, play lazer tag or flag football.
  7. No one will be blocking the neighbors driveway- Free parking in a giant lot
  8. Large groups- NO problem. Invite the entire school class & the extended family-yes Aunt Susie too!
  9. Keep it local in Gig Harbor- this is by far better then Chuck E. Cheese!
  10. Done- all this for a package price of $199 ($325 age 14+) or $149 if not using staff for games.
    • PS- Rent this space for sports team parties, team building, holidays, family gatherings


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