This picture shows the Gig Harbor Marina which is in the center of Gig Harbor. Home to 3 rental venues:

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But what this picture DOES NOT show is what is under the Piers @ the Boatyard!

You are invited to experience The Club @ the Boatyard  to see and hear from professionals from Harbor Wild Watch’s “Pier into the Night”. Starting at dusk (6:30-7 pm) and going for about 2 hours, you will observe marine activity in real-time as it occurs at night.  Submersible lights are anchored in the water to illuminate underwater activity under the piers of the Gig Harbor Marina. In the same way that porch lights attract insects, the underwater lights attract marine species that are seldom seen during the day including ambushing squid, sparkling ctenophores, and wriggling sea worms!

It all starts at 6:30pm –  on Saturday March 26rd and is FREE for members of the club and you have the opportunity to join that night for only $1! Bring your own beverage or even a bottle of wine, some nibbles or your dinner and see what the diver finds out under the pier that night as you stay warm and dry on topside!

This event is FREE however space is limited: you *must* RSVP or you won’t be able to attend. Contact Danielle Taylor at 253-358-6546 or to RSVP.

And remember you have your choice of renting any of the 3 venues including the Club @ the Boatyard where the members FREE “Pier into the Night ” event is being held on 3/26/16.

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