Photo of George Hollis, owner of Gatta Dance DJ's, disc jockey for weddings and special events, entertainment, and sound technician for events, announcer
George Hollis, George the DJ

Hiring a DJ or entertainment professional is one of the most important first steps you should make when you have settled on a date for a wedding, corporate function, party or school function. It is more than a matter…Read more

Betty Profile - Owner Event Resources Gig Harbor, professional event planner, weddings, parties, unique events and weddings in the Gig Harbor community
Betty Perry, Owner Event Resources Gig Harbor

Tents allow you the freedom of having your event where, when, and how you want it. When people think about tents, they usually associate them with protection from the elements: the rain, cold, heat and sun. But tents can…Read more

Veronica Lenoski photo, author of DIY Music Festival event planning tip
Veronica Lenoski, Associate Event Resources Website

Have you ever attended a summer music festival and wished it never had to end? It doesn’t have to, because you can create your own. I have been producing music festivals for friends all over the State of Washington…Read more

Makeup is often an afterthought during wedding planning.  Brides forget this important step and frequently end up at the last minute applying makeup themselves or with the help of a family member or friend.  Most family and friends are…Read more

Photo of Betty Perry, owner of Event Resources Gig Harbor
Betty Perry / Owner - Event Resources Gig Harbor

Here are some money saving tips I have learned throughout my events career to help you reduce your Event Budget:event costs in a creative and resourceful way. 1. Choose venues where you can use off-site catering. You can save…Read more

Carrie L. Case / Owner Carrie L. Case Creative

ANYONE can plan a wedding…but should they? The job of planning an Event is just that…a job, and not one for the faint of heart either. But event planners LOVE what they do. They LIVE for the thrill of…Read more