Here are some money saving tips I have learned throughout my events career to help you reduce your Event Budget:event costs in a creative and resourceful way.

1. Choose venues where you can use off-site catering.

You can save by shopping for a local caterer or restaurant that delivers. Even better, buy platters from Costco or the grocery stores if the venue allows you to bring in food. Just be aware of the clean up policy, you may need to take the garbage out yourself.

2. Don’t eliminate inexpensive plain venues.

Spaces can be totally transformed using Event Design Services or your imagination. I have seen old rustic halls transformed into amazing exotic interiors. You can use props, drape material and add various lighting to transformation to a room.

3. Hold your meeting at a unique venue.

Bargains are out there. Multi-purpose venues may have just what you need at a much lower cost. Check the times you can use area’s or rent the entire facility when they are closed. Such as schools, golf facilities, museums and of course restaurants.

4.  Venue too small, but love it.

It may be more cost effective to rent an outdoor tent to extend the space saving the expense of a larger more expensive venue.

5. Plan ahead to avoid expensive linens.

Rental table covers really increase your costs. Watch the bargain bolt sales at fabric stores and buy a couple bolts making sure the width fits your table size and cut the lengths you need. Also check the internet for basic black or white. I found many to be cheaper to purchase then to rent.

6.  Save by doing it yourself.

Set up and clean-up may be extra charges. If you want to avoid these charges ask the venue to advise if you are permitted to do it yourself.

7. Save on audio-visual.

Choose a venue that has some or all the audio visual equipment such as schools or conference rooms. The big plus is an find one with an LCD projector.

8. Rent only what is needed.

Look for venues to come with come tables and chairs. Only rent what is needed above and beyond.

9. Don’t discount an affordable venue without parking.

Event Resources Gig Harbor plans to work with the venues to locate area’s where guests can park. It may mean you hire a valet or shuttle service, but if you get the event location you want at the price you want it may be worth it.

10. Don’t use the bridge toll as an excuse to pay high rental prices.

If half or more of the attendees come from the local Gig Harbor area keep the locals, local. For the attendees who are traveling over the Narrow bridge set up a short-term Good-to-Go account and register the license plates of the guest attendees. Their toll will be automatically be paid on the account with no need of a pass.