Have you ever attended a summer music festival and wished it never had to end? It doesn’t have to, because you can create your own. I have been producing music festivals for friends all over the State of Washington with great success for years now, and would like to share a few tips with you. By following these easy guidelines you will be able to do the same:

1. Find the location

The foundation to a successful festival is the right location.

Tips for finding a location:

  • Large, open spaces such as fields, farms or old logging roads that are remote, far away from residential homes.
  • Ample flat space for parking, stage, dancing or a dance floor and other attractions
  • Event Resources Gig Harbor a great one-stop shop for planning any event, and makes searching for venues easy.
  • Cell phone reception – don’t overlook this detail!

2. Find some talent

Scouting for talent can be through every connection you have connections. Don’t lock yourself into one genre of music, because the more variety the better. If all else fails, an iPod and a dance floor can go a long way, just be sure you didn’t advertise live music.

Tip for finding talent:

-Request recommendations for friends and connect through social media.

-Connect to a local college or university groups

-Approach the local band you saw at your favorite bar or local concert

3. Rent equipment

The equipment is without a doubt the most expensive part of putting on a music festival. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, remember there is no power to bring your music to life. If there’s any chance of rain occurring at your event you’ll also need to be able to keep your electronic equipment and guests dry. These are all things to consider.

Tips for renting equipment:

– The most important equipment you’ll need is a generator for lighting, and speakers with ample wattage for all power needs. You will need to check with the musicians regarding their equipment power needs. Tip: Check local construction rental companies, and air on the side of too much power.

-If your talent doesn’t have their own gear, then you will need rent good sound equipment.

-Lighting is also important. LED lights or lasers can be found at places such as Guitar Center, but Christmas lights or rope lights are an inexpensive alternative to light a dance floor. Shy away from halogen bulbs and other electrically inefficient equipment.

-Pop-up tents (variety of sizes), canopies, or even creative tarps with rope riggings are ideal for shelter, and for protecting the equipment, and guests from the elements. Make sure you have a back up plan in case something fails.

-Portable propane heaters are also nice as the evening starts to get chilly. You can find one at any home improvement store.

4. Market on social media

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with friends, and others who may be interested in attending your festival. Be sure to use these outlets as much as possible in order to get the word out there.

Tips for marketing on social media:

-Use event websites such as Eventbrite , where you can create tickets and connect to your social media platforms

-Create a Facebook “Event Page” for your festival.

-Post things on your social media page often in order to create activity on these sites, and keep the event on people’s minds

5. Get creative

My favorite part of setting up a music festival is the creativity! Get Creative, and have fun with it!

Tips for getting the creative juices going:

-You can build stage design elements cheaply with plywood. If you want to make certain things on your stage pop, add some spray paint and glitter.

-A white sheet can come alive with proper lighting

-Check out Pinterest and Craftgawker to rev up creativity

-Enlist a team of friends. The more the merrier when it comes to developing good ideas

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Planning a music festival can be overwhelming, especially when things begin to get closer to the date of your festival. Enlisting friends to help you out with this task can alleviate some of the stress.

Tips to remember:

-Put yourself out there, you will be surprised with how many others would like to contribute to the fun.

Breathe and enjoy. Don’t forget to enjoy the event with everyone else. Putting on a festival is sometimes a challenge, but once you see everyone enjoying this special day together, you’ll find that putting on these festivals gets to be quite addicting.