Hiring a DJ or entertainment professional is one of the most important first steps you should make when you have settled on a date for a wedding, corporate function, party or school function.

It is more than a matter of looking in your local yellow page directory to find one that suits your needs, date, with the reputation and experience you want. It takes talking to them and asking some key questions. Start early – Keep in mind a good DJ books several months to a year in advance.

There are several ways to screen potential DJ’s for performing at your event or reception.

Here are a few quick questions one can ask over the phone that will help in the process of hiring a DJ:

  1. How long has the company been in business? How many wedding have they performed?
  2. Are you a licensed DJ and can you provide liability insurance?
  3. Do you have clients that can provide references?  A professional DJ should have a lot of references.
  4. Do they offer a signed contract guaranteeing your date, time and description of services required as outlined by you?
  5. Do they offer sit down consultations so you can meet and discuss your needs and expectations so you can agree on services?
  6. Will you personally be the same person at my event? Don’t make that assumption
  7. Will you solely take responsibility for the music, program timing and announcements?
  8. Are you available for the date and time of my event?
  9. Do they offer an overtime rate if you decided to keep the reception going past agreed start and end time?
  10. How quickly can I get a response from you and what means is best? email or phone
  11. Do you have your own equipment and backup for any equipment failure?  Many venues will not have equipment or allow a DJ to use theirs.  A DJ needs to have his/her own equipment and some kind of backup in the event something happens
  12. Lastly, be prepared to ask your potential DJ about upcoming events where you could have permission to view the DJ in action.

A good DJ will truly dazzle the guests as they set the pace for your event or wedding reception. As they perform they actually set the mood through the music genre, their announcements and timing as they keep the party flowing avoiding boring downtime. They are the first to arrival and should coordinate with the other wedding professionals as the event. They will talk to your photographer, caterer and get a feel for what they have scheduled and then take command coordinating the events keeping  the photographer apprised of all upcoming events. The DJ’s job is very unique as they take all the pressure off the bride and groom or event coordinator allowing them to relax and enjoy this special day.