As we see the shelves going bare in our grocery stores I know we all are all thinking of the long term food needs for our families. What are the options for supplying ready-made food from local Gig Harbor restaurants? Betty’s Blog will attempt to discover and share some options.  I do hope you will first consider supporting your local small restaurant before grabbing takeout from the large corporate food chains. 

You may recall a blog I posted about 3 months ago about the Table 47 Catering and Take-out Services. Here is that blog link. I checked in with the Catering Manager, Monica to learn how they are getting their farm fresh food into the hands of households.

First off- Table 47 is open for take-outs & delivery 7 days a week from 11am – 6pm. The Coffee Lounge is open daily 7am – noon for take-out only.

The new take-out menu focuses on farm fresh food, and for anyone with ANY dietary restrictions (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free) Table 47 has many great options. For me- I just don’t care for the typical fast food chains and when I don’t want to cook I want a healthy option.

And I am talking great menu options: YUM.. Look at a few of my favorites:


Feed the gang!!   New….Meals for Groups/Families for 5: Three hardy options:


How you can grab these goodies: Call 253-857-4777 to place your order:

1.   Have it delivered FREE to the door of your Gig Harbor home ($10 for Pierce or Kitsap County)

2.  Call 253-857-4777 for a food pick up order. Simply drive up to the Ocean5 front door- When you arrive just call and it will be brought out to your car.

3.  Go inside Ocean5 to the Table 47 desk to pick up.

4.  Order through your Urber Eats Phone App- it will be delivered right to your front door.

Yes, social distancing will pass and we again be hosting events and gatherings. Look to that time knowing you have professional catering right here in Gig Harbor at Table 47. Plan ahead and take a look at the extensive food options for a catered breakfast, lunch or dinner at this link.